Love Real Estate, A Journey Began



My sweet friends, I wanted to take a moment to apologize for my hiatus the last few months. Truthfully, the pressures to post multiple times a day, at certain times a day, got to be too overwhelming and it consumed the time in which I needed to be selling real estate and any free time I had left after my day job, so I felt it was important that I take a step back to gain some perspective. I feel as though, the second something you love becomes a chore, it's best to put it down for a little while, until you're ready to begin again. This, is my second beginning.

I took December off after a year of exhaustion and fatigue to try and spend sometime on the things that matter most to me. I spent precious time with loved ones. I decorated everything and then decorated it all again. I brought more glitter into our home than you would believe existed (Christmas is my one holiday I have declared glitter not to be off limits in the house). Truthfully, I'm still picking it out of the dogs fur. I rang in the new year with those whom matter most to me and I began to brainstorm and plan out my 2018. I spent needed time in reflection on 2017, what worked and what didn't. What consumed my time and what needed more of it. As I did so, the puzzle pieces began to fit together. Cody began his real estate class as I worked to understand how I could continue to grow Love Gaston and how I could begin to integrate Love Real Estate into it. After all, Realtor is my super fun day job that I don't advertise nearly often enough. 

Which brings me to the exciting news I released on social media a few weeks ago! As some of you already know, my sweetheart has officially joined me as my Buyers Agent, and the second member (for now) of Love Real Estate. The months during his real estate course, while very rewarding, were also very challenging and came with their own set of sacrifices. However, speaking for both Cody and myself, I can honestly say they were all worth it the moment I got the phone call.

Naturally and annoyingly sarcastic, he says, "I failed." "You failed?" I asked incredulously. Cody is the smartest, most hard working man I know, so at no point did I expect to hear those words come out of his mouth. "JUST KIDDING, LOOKS LIKE YOUVE GOT A NEW PARTNER AND YOU'RE STUCK WITH ME. YOU'RE WELCOME!" And, just like that my journey had, in that moment, propelled me forward at a speed much quicker than I'd expected to go. You can plan for circumstances and you can plan for your team to begin growing, but when it becomes your reality, well now, that is something entire different. No more is all the planning theoretical, now you are living in the plan and it's time for full execution. For me, a 26 year old (who looks likes shes actually 12), to be selling real estate alone and then in one day that all changes, that is an immense amount of responsibility. Over night, I became responsible to lead and teach and mentor other human beings. That responsibility is something of a compilation of both, exhilaration and fear. You start asking yourself, "Did I prepare enough?""Can I actually do this?" "How do I know it will work?" The "what if's" start popping into your head and you force them out, because there is no room for them in your plan, but none the less you fear failure. However, instead of allowing yourself to be consumed with self doubt and fear of failure, you pray. You thank God for the incredible opportunity and responsibility that has been placed in your hands and you reaffirm your belief in His all encompassing plan for your life and that you are safe so long as you listen for His voice to guide you.

Never did I ever dream that He would bring me both a partner in life and in business, but I feel very confident in saying that for us, it's only just begun and it's already been worth every moment we've waited. Much the same as the story of our relationship, Cody's strengths fill in the gaps where I struggle in certain aspects of business. First and foremost, he is a natural born optimist, while I consider myself much more a realist (really consumed with anxiety). He's tech savvy, while I break anything that operates off WIFI. He's structured, while I am the farthest thing from that. He's a natural born teacher, so he understands how human beings learn, and we'll just say that it's best I just lead by example. In the future, you can guess who will be training new agents we on board, he just may not realize it yet. Heehe.

As organized as I am, he still finds ways to improve my systems and processes to optimize them and the flow of my work day. Best of all, he has this innate ability to be five steps ahead of me before I've had an opportunity to think of where I need him to be. The last week or so is the first he's really been able to start working and he's already working with 3 new buyers while I'm working on transactions I'd already put under contract. Again, as is the story of our relationship, he is my perfect balance. 

I wanted to write this blog post for several reasons. One, to apologize for my disappearance/time off. Second, to tell the exciting news of our team growing and to give some perspective into our team dynamics. Third, to say that I will be integrating more real estate, fun projects I'm working on, beautiful homes I'm remodeling, listing and selling, the process that goes into that, etc. into Love Gaston. The original intended purpose for Love Gaston was to help promote the beauty that surrounds me daily in Gaston County. As my vantage point has now changed slightly, I am changing that purpose along with it. This site still stands to promote the beauty of Gaston, but I want our blog to also represent who we are and what our purpose is in Gaston County, as well, as the work we do to continue to promote and enhance that beauty. Every day I get the sincere joy and opportunity to wake up and go to a job in which I spend sun up to sun down helping people. This is what I want the story of Love Gaston to tell. I want to tell you of the people I meet, the friendships I make, the projects I'm immersed in and the challenges I take on. Television paints real estate in a light in which it makes our jobs look wildly easy and hiccup free. While, it would be nice to say this was the case, the real face of real estate is actually long hours and then longer ones, hard work, dedication and a whole lot of faith, faith in both your purpose and God's purpose for our lives. It looks like the blood, sweat and tears you bleed into each transaction to make certain your clients are protected and happy. It looks like constant problem solving, fact checking and gut instinct. It is an immense amount of hard work and faith, but every single day it is worth it, every single person you help, makes it all worth while. So, while I won't tell you just yet who the next member of Love Real Estate will be, I will tell you that they embody everything I want my brand, my team and my hard work to represent. They are tenacious, inquisitive and eager to learn. They are sharp and kind, confident and consistent. Thank you all so very much for your support and encouragement through out this process and this endeavor, it means the absolute world to me. I hope that you will stay tuned to find out when our team will grow again!